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Hand-Selected Links
Susan Campbell Bartoletti
Talk about versatile, few writers have written in more genres—fiction, non-fiction, picture books, novels—you name it, Susan's done it.  Not to mention the fact that she's funny, generous, and better than anyone I know at getting the facts right!
Sneed B. Collard
A wonderful writer whose generosity and kindness is only outstripped by his wild sense of humor!
Chris Crutcher
A man who takes honesty to a whole new level in person and in his writing.
Terry Davis
A former teacher of mine who's become a great friend. He knows the craft of great literary writing better than any teacher with whom I've worked.
Lisa Rowe Fraustino
Another former teacher who's become a fabulous friend. She was intrumental in helping me get my start. Thanks, Lisa! On top of that she's brilliant (like her friend, Sue), funny, and a wonderful writer.
Hillary Homzie
You couldn't clone a better friend than Hillary B. Homzie—she's generous, funny, and knows books like nobody's business.
Cynthia Leitich Smith's Cynsations
Harold Underdown's The Purple Crayon
Winding Oak's Bookology Magazine

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