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Stella Stands Alone

Simon & Schuster
ISBN 978-1416911647
$16.99 hardcover
ISBN 978-1416986478
$7.99 paperback

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Stella Stands Alone

In this inspiring novel, A. LaFaye, winner of the Scott O'Dell Award for Historical Fiction, recounts a young woman's struggle to save her family's land and preserve their memory, illuminating the harsh realities faced by women and freed slaves during the turbulent years after the Civil War.

Stella Reid is fighting to save the home she loves. After her father is killed and her mother succumbs to yellow fever, it's up to Stella to run Oak Grove, her family's plantation. Unlike most Southerners, Stella sees herself as equal to the African Americans she works side-by-side with in the cotton fields. The white Southerners reject her, and the freed men can't trust her after generations of enduring the horrors of slavery. So Stella stands alone as she fights to follow through on her father's dream to leave Oak Grove to her and the slaves. His will is nowhere to be found. Now, the bank has foreclosed on the plantation—and the day of the auction is rapidly approaching. With no legal claim to the land, Stella is confronted with the possibility of losing Oak Grove, the only home she's ever known.


“Stella is a memorable and feisty character...her voice rings true, with determination and faith.” —Pam Muñoz Ryan

“LaFaye presents a solid example of alternate-history fiction set in Mississippi in 1866, imagining what it would have been like if some Southerners had tried to treat African Americans with justice and respect.” —School Library Journal


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